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How to make a faucet and make bank with cryptocurrency!

If you looked for free cryptocurrency you probably ran into some faucet websites.
This guide is going to show you how to make your own faucet, insert advertising, and make some money!

First, you need a domain and hosting provider. You can buy a domain name on
For hosting you need the cheapest and fastest hosting. We at CRDRhosting have excellent plans that start at $10 a year for a good amount of storage and bandwidth. Go to the store page, order the package, and send us the details and we set everything up for you.

Install WordPress on your shared web hosting. If you use CRDRhosting you go to your dashboard, click on the Softalous installer and install WordPress with the one-click installer.

click on WordPress

After you installed WordPress navigate to and enter your details. Customize your site with 100s of free themes from These can be accessed from the menu. Go to the dashboard, click on Themes and browse the various popular themes (all free) or install one from the WordPress team.

To monetize your website you can use various advertising providers like and pop-ads. More advertising networks you can use on your faucet to make money with are listed here.

When you have build your site its time to implement the faucet code to your website.
For this, we use something called “WordPress faucet plugin”. With this plugin, we can easily add a faucet to our faucet without doing any coding!

Go here, download the application and navigate to the plugins menu on your dashboard as listed below.

click on the plugins menu item

Upload the plugin and you will see the settings.

here you can change settings

The developer of the plugin also made a couple Youtube videos which you can access after installing the free plugin.

If you run into trouble setting up your faucet contact us in livechat and we will help you install your faucet.

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