How long does it take before hosting is set up?
It can take up to 12 hours before your hosting is enabled. Hosting is enabled manually.

Do you offer a free trial?
No, but you can refund your hosting within 7 days if it is not up to expectations.

What happens when my hosting is down?
We will decide on case by case if you get a refund for the downtime.
Read the TOS for more information.

What control panel do you use?
We use Direct Admin to lower costs. This panel works almost the same as Cpanel but is much cheaper.

Can I host a blog on your servers?
All sites are welcome except the following: Financial scams, spam or copyrighted content.
Read the TOS for more information.

Are the specs of your hosting enough to use for my site?
With 1GB storage and 100GB bandwidth, you have plenty for promotional websites, webshops, faucets, or any other project. Make sure to compress images to save on storage. You can contact support to upgrade your hosting for more storage.

Do you have an uptime guarantee?
You can expect 100% uptime on our hosting servers.  This, of course, can not be guaranteed because of various reasons such as intensive DDOS attacks. We will migrate your hosting for free to another location if your site has prolonged problems.
Read the TOS for more information.

Where is your hosting located?
Germany. Offshore is hosted in Luxembourg.

Do you provide website development?
No, I prefer to stay hosting only so I can guarantee low prices. However, I do have Softaculous installed so you can easily install your favorite app such as WordPress. We can help install various apps or troubleshoot in case any problems arise.

Can I change the main domain name associated with my hosting account?
Yes, this can be done within the Direct Admin Panel.

Do you allow cron jobs?
Yes, I do allow cron jobs. However, sometimes, they can use excessive server resources if they are run too often or they are big enough. Running cron scripts with intervals of less than 10 minutes or setting up more than 5 simultaneous cron jobs is not allowed on all shared servers. Contact support to enable cron jobs.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we have an affiliate program.